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Charles Baudelaire, Edgar Allen Poe, Paul Verlaine with Arthur Rimbaud leading the pack. Had to get the out of the way as my memory fails me quickly here.

Still beaching it but we've moved further south to paradise -- Palolem Beach. Soo beautiful, soo hot. Still thinking about my future more than is likely very healthy. Speaking of health, a certain something is very late, and a certain part of my body is still aching from the recent piercing that took place....

The mouse pad at the place I'm at is a torn and browning picture of palm trees - a reminded of what is outside awaiting me. And are they ever fun to climb.

I went from reading Terry Pratchett to City of Joy, an intense contrast but somehow an easier leap than I would have thought. Read City of Jiy, everyone, if you love me, because then you'll know what its like here. (Well, not here on the beach, but here the first and last month of the three.)

My dad is trying to hook us up with an orphanage further south of here. If that doesn't work out we're biting the bullet and heading for Calcutta which is sure to be nearly a whopping 50 degrees celsius inside the city. Hellahotta. I don't even want to imagine. Here its high thirties normally.

I miss you, my buddies, and I am excited for the summer that will surely feel very cool by comparison. And obviously I'm absolutly freaking absocrazy psyched for the big HP. Oh and turning 19 I guess, after all of my friends. (Lise you and I can stay 18 together!!! For a little while..)

Gotta go have breaky on the beach, comment for me so I know I have friends to come back to!!!

p.s. yes i have a kicksass tan
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