16 Aug 2005|07:18pm
It's August now. I resent August because it sneaks up on you and then drags on and on but still finishes too quickly. It's sulky and can give you beautiful days but then it shits all over you and on its loveliest rainy days its in sucha bad mood that you can hardly enjoy unless you feel sulky too. Its a show off and its a closet chauvenist. I could never date August but a fling would probably be an exhilarating ride.

Actually now that I think about it I am a little fond of the month. I would never want to lose it as a friend, I eould never delete it off my msn list.


Am I freaking out because I am moving in two weeks and I haven't done ANYTHING about it. I should have called like 10 people by now and I should pack and and and and.. okay breaaathe woman.

I miss Rika, why'd she go al the damn way to Germany? Mmmm I love this song, they remind me so much of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.... IS EVERYONE GOING TO COME VISIT ME IN MONTREAL??? Thanks.

AGHAG HAG H I ate too much and I had A HUGE samosa at the goat and it was better than the ones I had in India (and about eighty times the price) but it was damn good.

Im gonna go see Charlie and the Choco lotto now with my sister. I hope its good. Has anyone seen the Island? IS that good?

Okay auf wiedersein.

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My Man Harry

20 Jun 2005|12:16am

OK seriously though, my boyfriend works at chapters (not in Kingston) and each staff member plays a character and there are like 30 staff an HE IS HARRY!!! I love having a skinny boyfriend!!!!!! Yay I get to kiss Harry!!! Tra lalala my boyfriend rules.

He was thinking of carving the scar into his forehead buuut... um no. ANYWAY it's sooooo soon.

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Back from the dead.

17 Jun 2005|12:24am
mood | itchy

Okay so I know that I am evil because my last post was actually this really lame email scam, but it's only because I fell for it and needed other people to fall for it so that I would actually freaking get someting out of it. I am scum. And a gulli bull. No a gulli calf. So yeah I suck.

So much has been going on and there are a ton of other things I have been doing rather than posting.

They are :

#1 watching all the episodes of alias, because I borrowed seasons 1 2 and 3 from Chumleighs and guess what IS IT AWESOME>

#2 working all the time so I am too tired to do anything when I get home (except for watch alias).

#3 hanging out with or talking on the phone to my boyfriend, who for some unfortunate reason (money, always the unfortunate reason) lives in Mississauga.

#4 playing on Neopets because stupid Rikakins got me hooked again when she made me send her an item for a quest.

#5 trying to figure out the damn Concordia University website registration crap.

#6 um.. sleeping.

BUT **NEWS** I am moving in with Keith ("boyfriend" to some) in the fall, in MONNTREAL where I will be going to SCHOOL. Whaaaat the HELL. Anyway so life is changing. It's exciting and scary and exhilirating. Just like ALIAS!!! WowI'madork.

I'd sort of rather just whisk him away to India to show him what I am missing so much and what I know he will love, or else travel South AmErika. (ooh that was sneaky of me, rika).

My sister is coming home from Ireland MOnday which is crazy and exciting, and Tuesday and Wednesday I have to go to that stupid depression clinic thing again but at least I get paid.

ALSO a friend is throwing me a birthday party at her place, but it is a small place so I'd rather just invite you ALL (yes, EVERYONE on lj) to some pub to get wasted because I WILL BE 19. ON July 4th. That's right. (Okay if anyone random just went "ooooh that means she's a cancer I SO know what she is like now" then I love you and post because I am also that obsessed.) Um mmm yeah. So I say so a lot and its 12:30am and I have to work tomorrow and I have to go think over certain things in my room.... while I try not to watch Alias.

Good night.

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07 Jun 2005|10:11pm


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12 Apr 2005|02:51pm
I had a pretty crazy day, I don't know if I've mentioned a certain
rash on my behind or not, but it recently grew large, swollen and
lined in purple. I found out that it is the main symptom of
septicaemic menigitis, the deadliest menigitis. So obviously I filped
out a bit, almost sent you a hysteric email but kristine made me wait
until I got back from the doctor. The doc (a man to whom I flashed
my lovely little cheeks, how embarrasing) didn't seemed to alarmed and
said it was most likely just a fungal infection from a toilet seat.
He gave me an milion pills and creams, I'm going to need one of those
days of the week pillboxes for old people. If it doesn't go away he
wants me to call him and we can deal with the other possibility if it
comes, which it won't.

So already today I've been through about 50 extreme emotions, I nearly
burst out crying when I foud out about the septicaemic menigitis, but
it's 99% more likely it's from the nasty dormitory toilet seat. Long
sigh of relief.

Had to get that out. So this digusting thing on me bum should be
gone in 6 days. You ALL needed to know that.

I saw Phantom of the Opera (it just got to theatres here), and
enjoyed it, though not as much as live. The music of it inspires me
so much -- right after the movie I emailed a voice teacher from
Kingston School of Music and asked about the prices for private summer
lessons. I also really want to do a year of uni here in Mumbai,
maybe during my post grad or my third year of something. I also want
to do a year in Paris, and maybe one in N.Y., but I would be okay with
moving to those places later. Actually right now I'm excited to
settle for a year, being in a new place will be a little adventure on
its own. That was cheesy. But I really am excited about Montreal.

Okay I have to go apply ointment (ewwww).

I'm going to Varansi tonight on the train, it takes 29 hours so I wont
be updating for a bit. I hope you are all enjoying being in weather that isn't 40 degrees. I have almost forgotten what that feels like.

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brush with fame...

09 Apr 2005|10:33pm
Okay haven't updated in a while because I am now... famous.

Well, not any more. But I was/could have been/am fooling myself. Famous in a minor way...

Explanation: I have been working in Bollywood films for the past week. At first it was just little stuff and .. it still is, but I worked with one of the top "sexy thang" Supastar actors the other day. Akshay Kumar. The "Tom Cruise of Bollywood". The name of the movie is "Phir Hera Pheri". Yup.

And I got asked to do a commercial, then another one, that pays very well. Tomorrow I'm shooting again, it's very boring but I like sounding glamourous so-- that's my big/tiny news for the week.

Goa was awesome -- that's why I hardly ever updated, too busy beaching it, reading in my bamboo hut, drinking chai under the stars by the Arabian Sea... Sigh. Sorry. Don't get jealous -- we're back in stinking Mumbai again, although it's cooled down a bit.

I'm getting very excited about Harry Potter 6, and also about my future and MOntreal and my own apartment and owning lots of books. Okay I have to go -- I have to get up early tomorrow for work!!!
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25 Mar 2005|02:36pm
So "Holi", the colour festival is today -- we all threw coloured powder at
each other and ended up looking like aliens, very funny. It goes
on tomorow too, Its really nice because we can actually get close to
and hang out with the Indian kids, which we don't normally get to do.

My sister got this kickass job aupairing for these rich people in Greece, and I'm visiting her when I get back to Europe. So two weeks there then ktwon (woops, karate k-twon! ) um.. k-TOWN on may 12ish. Er ya. Yay Greece.

This little Indian boy just came in with ice cream and I tried to
lick it, he's so cute. I want a baby. Unless I'm pregnant. Which is impossible unless 'm bringing in the Messiah. Mm his ice cream looks really good. Hey I can speak a lot of hindi now, do any of you have friends that speak it? If you do uh... tell them... I'll be in touch.

We made friends with this Indian shop keeper girl named Tinatona, shes only 13 but shes very smart and very cool. She always says the most beautiful things. Other than like "Come look my shop" I mean.

This orphange that my dad contacted in the middle/south of india wants us to come visit it. It's weird because it changes our trip completely -- we'll have to cut out Varanasi and Calcutta and meeting some friends there. But apparently they asked God about us coming and he said yes. So lets hope this works out..

I'm going to have my g2 when I get back! Thats so crazy, when I master
the 40.. what is it called again? well the highway, I can visit my boyye...

I wrote a book. In my head. I'll don't think I'll try to publish my first book. (Not the head one , it doesn't count.) I think I'll try to publish my second and work on my first my whole life until it disintigrates. I'm really excited about writing a book. Maybe I should... do it.

My hair is orange and pink right now from the festival. Heehee. I chased around this guy who works at my... er hut hotel place, the guy who brings chai in the morning -- with pink and green powder in my hands -- I was covered head to toe in colour so I must have been quite a sight, anyway he grabbed a chair to fend me off while shrieking in his native tongue. No one has ever been that scared of me.

Oh in case anyone is worried sick wondering what i'm doing this september (Yeah right) I'm moving to Montreal for sure and going to Concordia for a bit to test it out. After that who knows. But lots of costume and cooking parties, and you're all invited!!!

Anyway Gotta go wasted enough festival time already. Got the keyboard all pinky powdery.
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Devil's Playground

22 Mar 2005|06:45pm

So my baby Billy has a new Album out, which means obviously that he is touring, and will go to Toronto, which would normally make me very happy if I wasn't in INDIA DAMMIT. April.. while he is playing I will be sweating my arse off in the streets of Calcutta. Stupid Billy. But on the bright side (always look on that one, right) he is playing NYC when i get back so I get to go on a trip. SIGH.

Anyway. That was THE event of my day other than finding comments from 3 wonderful people on my last entry. Mostly I was lying on raft in the Arabian Sea. I got burnt again. No one mentioned my new piercing, but thats okay I'll show you when I get back.

Erm I have to pee. Normally I wouldn't mention that, but imagine for a moment what the toilets are like here.

"Toilet paper not included"

Everythings an adventure in India.
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21 Mar 2005|11:24am
mood | excited

Charles Baudelaire, Edgar Allen Poe, Paul Verlaine with Arthur Rimbaud leading the pack. Had to get the out of the way as my memory fails me quickly here.

Still beaching it but we've moved further south to paradise -- Palolem Beach. Soo beautiful, soo hot. Still thinking about my future more than is likely very healthy. Speaking of health, a certain something is very late, and a certain part of my body is still aching from the recent piercing that took place....

The mouse pad at the place I'm at is a torn and browning picture of palm trees - a reminded of what is outside awaiting me. And are they ever fun to climb.

I went from reading Terry Pratchett to City of Joy, an intense contrast but somehow an easier leap than I would have thought. Read City of Jiy, everyone, if you love me, because then you'll know what its like here. (Well, not here on the beach, but here the first and last month of the three.)

My dad is trying to hook us up with an orphanage further south of here. If that doesn't work out we're biting the bullet and heading for Calcutta which is sure to be nearly a whopping 50 degrees celsius inside the city. Hellahotta. I don't even want to imagine. Here its high thirties normally.

I miss you, my buddies, and I am excited for the summer that will surely feel very cool by comparison. And obviously I'm absolutly freaking absocrazy psyched for the big HP. Oh and turning 19 I guess, after all of my friends. (Lise you and I can stay 18 together!!! For a little while..)

Gotta go have breaky on the beach, comment for me so I know I have friends to come back to!!!

p.s. yes i have a kicksass tan

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08 Mar 2005|01:35am
Sorry for the slackness but we've been beach bumming on the sweet
white sands of Goa -- Or at least we were until our beach bums
turned to burnt bums and we had to high tail it into our hut to smear
on the aloe vera and complain about our pathetically scorched bottoms.

When we last spoke I was in Mumbai, a beautiful city.. well,
less beautiful, more hot stinky sweaty nasty pools of stickiness stuck
between each crevice of clothing and skin, but a very fun place to be

But after our 24 hour train ride to Goa we've not been doing too much
- pondering under the zillions of stars that the ocean makes visible.
"What are they pondering?" you yourself must ponder! (Ponder is a
silly word, they should have left it at the fuzzy black and white bear
of china, but they didn't and now I'm stuck using it in this journal entry.)

Anyway we were THINKING about our futures, all too undecided, flying
back and forth between sensible job ideas and hermitism. Will I flee
writing for nursing? Will Kristine become a hot air balloon pilate?
We do not know.

But I do know that we are going to go get some awesome food for less than a dollar.
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27 Feb 2005|05:14pm
Just to keep you up on the book front --

Finished Sophie's World (philosphy class all over again)

Finished Cather in the Rye (yes, for my first time, enjoyed thoroughly)

Finished Motorcyle Diaries (overrated but intersting)

Currently reading City of Joy (must finish before Calcutta)

and rereading Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas (because it makes me so damn happy.)

I'm also a smoker now. Which is pretty stupid, because the pollution is freaking bad enough. BUT it's only one dollar for a pack of 30. SO. That is that.

Also, this french girl gave me a Steinbeck book, Tortilla Flat. If anyone has read this book please tell me if it's worth it -- space in my bag is precious.

C'est tout. I miss you. All of you.
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27 Feb 2005|04:56pm
mood | exhausted

So I'm in Mumbai (Bombay) right now...

This city is really insane, it's a mix of New York Toronto and Calcutta. It's like uber slums and uber rich mixing like they don't notice each other at all. If it wasn't for the monkeys in the street I might even forget I'm in India. Oh well,going to Goa in a few days. That's my holiday time beeeeaches and rest and.. well you never know really. I went on an awesome camel safari in Rajasthan. I want all of my friends to be here because you really can't imagine what I see out of my window right now...

We got offered to be in a gameshow! They like white faces a lot in Mumbai.. we're holding out until we get offered to be in a Bollywood movie though.

We sort of went to see a Bollywood movie but it turns out it was a Bollywood porno. I will not bore you with the plot, because obviously there wasn't one... but it's called "Sins" if you want to look it up. *Shudder*.

It's a million degrees here which is why I'm in an internet cafe to begin with. If I seem really boring it's because my brain has completely shut off and is hibernating until I get back to Canada.

Sorry to complain about the heat -- I know you people may be a little chilly smack damn in the middle our famous Canadian winter, but take a second to shiver, just for me, because I could use it.

Charli Lisa and Rika, do you want clothes or rings from here? Or shawls or crazy music or pictures or statues or little marble elephants... or drums or .. god they have so many beautiful things. Just post things you think are purdy. Okay I have to go because I'm meeting these two really random Indian boys, 16 years old. They are really funny, they keep asking me when Keith and I will get married and have babies.

You should see me (Lisa, you REALLY should considering you never have) -- I'm all adorned in bangles and rings. HOT. Anyway, this message was primarily for those 3 chicas, mostly becasuse I don't think anyone else reads this. But if they do... then I appreciate it. Because here I am alone. (With Kristine but she doesn't count.. hee) . Uhhh oh and I think I might become a nurse.

Yup! Bye all love you!! I'm off to the dirty-stinky-sweaty-but-so-damn -wonderful streets of mumbai

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My Wedding

02 Feb 2005|08:21pm
So I decided not to marry Mohammad.

The End.

Yes, India is very crazy. I am having a wonderful time, Delhi was insane but I got used to it -- it made me tough. Agra was wonderful -- we saw the TAJ!! It was extraordinary. Insanly beautiful. NOw I'm in Jaipur at an amazing hostel and my rickshaw driver fell in love with me. I rode a camel, fot attacked by a monkey, and pet an elephant. There are cows and llamas in the streets. There are stray dogs everywhere. We got in a car accident on the very first day. I have been to a billion temples. They are each very very beautiful. I love this country.

I'll update soon.
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07 Jan 2005|05:54pm
I leave in 5 days.

In 6 days I will be in England with my boyfriend.

In 20 days I will be in India and I will not be seeing my boyfriend for over 90 days.

What the hell.

I am frit, but excited.

I've been spending lots off time on BookCrossing.com. I am obsessed now. I've set 5 books free and I'm bringing some tracked books on my trip with me so they will go all over the world! Yay.

I started the Da Vinci Code. I finally gave into my weakness -- I was putting it off because it's as hot as Life of Pi was a couple years ago. I got sick of people whinging, "Did you read it yet?? OH my Gaawsh it's sooo good!". Annoying buggers. And guess what? It's really good. I will say no more.

Seriously, please everyone start an account at book crossing, it is so fun and amazing.

So I'm flying away really soon, I will miss you all, I will try to update my journal min once a month (I'm not sure when I'll be around Internet.)

Agh I just got an email, I got into Concordia! That was fast. Huh. Cool. Well with future now secured I am going to fling myself into London pubs and Indian... well I don't know, temples. My email I will be using is ann.ward@gmail.com . If you ever want a posty eamil me your addy. (Yes I have yours L and E, and yes you're right, I don't think many other people read this.) Heraldo, I need yours.

Okay well I might do one last one before I go, otherwise, this is it. See you in May.
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25 Dec 2004|10:42am
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25 Dec 2004|10:32am


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22 Dec 2004|09:59pm
Sufficiently sufficed and full of wine and cheesecake. Yuuummmmy. And the livingroom smells of pine. And the fire is on. How lovely. Sigh. Received a nice email today, went shopping with the ladies, my bro and sis are home for the holidays. Shaa laa laa. On Ezone playing a Lenny Walkabout game, haven't done that for ages. Am rather happy.
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13 Dec 2004|04:14pm
The Zoom Quilt

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13 Dec 2004|04:04pm
mood | sneezy

1. Grab the nearest CD.
2. Put it in your CD-Player (or start your mp3-player, I-tunes, etc.).
3. Skip to Song 3 (or load the 3rd song in your 3rd playlist)
4. Post the first verse in your journal along with these instructions. Don't name the band, nor the album-title.

A city freeze
Get on your knees
Pray for warmth and green paper.
A city drought
You’re down and out
See your trousers don’t taper.
Saddle up
Kick your feet
Ride the range of a london street
Travel to a local plane
Turn around and come back again.

Righto, your turn.

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no funny business

13 Dec 2004|12:02am
mood | achy

Got my passport pics done today for the Indian visa. I can't believe you are not allowed to smile in them. That is so against my nature. THe guy at Camera Kingston must have been frustrated when I burst into sparatic giggles whispering "I can't not smile.." (This statement, of course, is entirely untrue, I manage it almost all day at work.) Anyway. Thought I'd share my humourlessness.

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