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So I'm in Mumbai (Bombay) right now...

This city is really insane, it's a mix of New York Toronto and Calcutta. It's like uber slums and uber rich mixing like they don't notice each other at all. If it wasn't for the monkeys in the street I might even forget I'm in India. Oh well,going to Goa in a few days. That's my holiday time beeeeaches and rest and.. well you never know really. I went on an awesome camel safari in Rajasthan. I want all of my friends to be here because you really can't imagine what I see out of my window right now...

We got offered to be in a gameshow! They like white faces a lot in Mumbai.. we're holding out until we get offered to be in a Bollywood movie though.

We sort of went to see a Bollywood movie but it turns out it was a Bollywood porno. I will not bore you with the plot, because obviously there wasn't one... but it's called "Sins" if you want to look it up. *Shudder*.

It's a million degrees here which is why I'm in an internet cafe to begin with. If I seem really boring it's because my brain has completely shut off and is hibernating until I get back to Canada.

Sorry to complain about the heat -- I know you people may be a little chilly smack damn in the middle our famous Canadian winter, but take a second to shiver, just for me, because I could use it.

Charli Lisa and Rika, do you want clothes or rings from here? Or shawls or crazy music or pictures or statues or little marble elephants... or drums or .. god they have so many beautiful things. Just post things you think are purdy. Okay I have to go because I'm meeting these two really random Indian boys, 16 years old. They are really funny, they keep asking me when Keith and I will get married and have babies.

You should see me (Lisa, you REALLY should considering you never have) -- I'm all adorned in bangles and rings. HOT. Anyway, this message was primarily for those 3 chicas, mostly becasuse I don't think anyone else reads this. But if they do... then I appreciate it. Because here I am alone. (With Kristine but she doesn't count.. hee) . Uhhh oh and I think I might become a nurse.

Yup! Bye all love you!! I'm off to the dirty-stinky-sweaty-but-so-damn -wonderful streets of mumbai
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