ani_fae (ani_fae) wrote,

Sorry for the slackness but we've been beach bumming on the sweet
white sands of Goa -- Or at least we were until our beach bums
turned to burnt bums and we had to high tail it into our hut to smear
on the aloe vera and complain about our pathetically scorched bottoms.

When we last spoke I was in Mumbai, a beautiful city.. well,
less beautiful, more hot stinky sweaty nasty pools of stickiness stuck
between each crevice of clothing and skin, but a very fun place to be

But after our 24 hour train ride to Goa we've not been doing too much
- pondering under the zillions of stars that the ocean makes visible.
"What are they pondering?" you yourself must ponder! (Ponder is a
silly word, they should have left it at the fuzzy black and white bear
of china, but they didn't and now I'm stuck using it in this journal entry.)

Anyway we were THINKING about our futures, all too undecided, flying
back and forth between sensible job ideas and hermitism. Will I flee
writing for nursing? Will Kristine become a hot air balloon pilate?
We do not know.

But I do know that we are going to go get some awesome food for less than a dollar.
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