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So "Holi", the colour festival is today -- we all threw coloured powder at
each other and ended up looking like aliens, very funny. It goes
on tomorow too, Its really nice because we can actually get close to
and hang out with the Indian kids, which we don't normally get to do.

My sister got this kickass job aupairing for these rich people in Greece, and I'm visiting her when I get back to Europe. So two weeks there then ktwon (woops, karate k-twon! ) um.. k-TOWN on may 12ish. Er ya. Yay Greece.

This little Indian boy just came in with ice cream and I tried to
lick it, he's so cute. I want a baby. Unless I'm pregnant. Which is impossible unless 'm bringing in the Messiah. Mm his ice cream looks really good. Hey I can speak a lot of hindi now, do any of you have friends that speak it? If you do uh... tell them... I'll be in touch.

We made friends with this Indian shop keeper girl named Tinatona, shes only 13 but shes very smart and very cool. She always says the most beautiful things. Other than like "Come look my shop" I mean.

This orphange that my dad contacted in the middle/south of india wants us to come visit it. It's weird because it changes our trip completely -- we'll have to cut out Varanasi and Calcutta and meeting some friends there. But apparently they asked God about us coming and he said yes. So lets hope this works out..

I'm going to have my g2 when I get back! Thats so crazy, when I master
the 40.. what is it called again? well the highway, I can visit my boyye...

I wrote a book. In my head. I'll don't think I'll try to publish my first book. (Not the head one , it doesn't count.) I think I'll try to publish my second and work on my first my whole life until it disintigrates. I'm really excited about writing a book. Maybe I should... do it.

My hair is orange and pink right now from the festival. Heehee. I chased around this guy who works at my... er hut hotel place, the guy who brings chai in the morning -- with pink and green powder in my hands -- I was covered head to toe in colour so I must have been quite a sight, anyway he grabbed a chair to fend me off while shrieking in his native tongue. No one has ever been that scared of me.

Oh in case anyone is worried sick wondering what i'm doing this september (Yeah right) I'm moving to Montreal for sure and going to Concordia for a bit to test it out. After that who knows. But lots of costume and cooking parties, and you're all invited!!!

Anyway Gotta go wasted enough festival time already. Got the keyboard all pinky powdery.
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