ani_fae (ani_fae) wrote,

I had a pretty crazy day, I don't know if I've mentioned a certain
rash on my behind or not, but it recently grew large, swollen and
lined in purple. I found out that it is the main symptom of
septicaemic menigitis, the deadliest menigitis. So obviously I filped
out a bit, almost sent you a hysteric email but kristine made me wait
until I got back from the doctor. The doc (a man to whom I flashed
my lovely little cheeks, how embarrasing) didn't seemed to alarmed and
said it was most likely just a fungal infection from a toilet seat.
He gave me an milion pills and creams, I'm going to need one of those
days of the week pillboxes for old people. If it doesn't go away he
wants me to call him and we can deal with the other possibility if it
comes, which it won't.

So already today I've been through about 50 extreme emotions, I nearly
burst out crying when I foud out about the septicaemic menigitis, but
it's 99% more likely it's from the nasty dormitory toilet seat. Long
sigh of relief.

Had to get that out. So this digusting thing on me bum should be
gone in 6 days. You ALL needed to know that.

I saw Phantom of the Opera (it just got to theatres here), and
enjoyed it, though not as much as live. The music of it inspires me
so much -- right after the movie I emailed a voice teacher from
Kingston School of Music and asked about the prices for private summer
lessons. I also really want to do a year of uni here in Mumbai,
maybe during my post grad or my third year of something. I also want
to do a year in Paris, and maybe one in N.Y., but I would be okay with
moving to those places later. Actually right now I'm excited to
settle for a year, being in a new place will be a little adventure on
its own. That was cheesy. But I really am excited about Montreal.

Okay I have to go apply ointment (ewwww).

I'm going to Varansi tonight on the train, it takes 29 hours so I wont
be updating for a bit. I hope you are all enjoying being in weather that isn't 40 degrees. I have almost forgotten what that feels like.

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