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It's August now. I resent August because it sneaks up on you and then drags on and on but still finishes too quickly. It's sulky and can give you beautiful days but then it shits all over you and on its loveliest rainy days its in sucha bad mood that you can hardly enjoy unless you feel sulky too. Its a show off and its a closet chauvenist. I could never date August but a fling would probably be an exhilarating ride.

Actually now that I think about it I am a little fond of the month. I would never want to lose it as a friend, I eould never delete it off my msn list.


Am I freaking out because I am moving in two weeks and I haven't done ANYTHING about it. I should have called like 10 people by now and I should pack and and and and.. okay breaaathe woman.

I miss Rika, why'd she go al the damn way to Germany? Mmmm I love this song, they remind me so much of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.... IS EVERYONE GOING TO COME VISIT ME IN MONTREAL??? Thanks.

AGHAG HAG H I ate too much and I had A HUGE samosa at the goat and it was better than the ones I had in India (and about eighty times the price) but it was damn good.

Im gonna go see Charlie and the Choco lotto now with my sister. I hope its good. Has anyone seen the Island? IS that good?

Okay auf wiedersein.

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