ani_fae (ani_fae) wrote,

I leave in 5 days.

In 6 days I will be in England with my boyfriend.

In 20 days I will be in India and I will not be seeing my boyfriend for over 90 days.

What the hell.

I am frit, but excited.

I've been spending lots off time on I am obsessed now. I've set 5 books free and I'm bringing some tracked books on my trip with me so they will go all over the world! Yay.

I started the Da Vinci Code. I finally gave into my weakness -- I was putting it off because it's as hot as Life of Pi was a couple years ago. I got sick of people whinging, "Did you read it yet?? OH my Gaawsh it's sooo good!". Annoying buggers. And guess what? It's really good. I will say no more.

Seriously, please everyone start an account at book crossing, it is so fun and amazing.

So I'm flying away really soon, I will miss you all, I will try to update my journal min once a month (I'm not sure when I'll be around Internet.)

Agh I just got an email, I got into Concordia! That was fast. Huh. Cool. Well with future now secured I am going to fling myself into London pubs and Indian... well I don't know, temples. My email I will be using is . If you ever want a posty eamil me your addy. (Yes I have yours L and E, and yes you're right, I don't think many other people read this.) Heraldo, I need yours.

Okay well I might do one last one before I go, otherwise, this is it. See you in May.
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