12 Dec 2004|09:52pm
you remind me of the babe

what babe

the babe with the power

what power

the power of voo-doo

who do?

You do!


remind me of the babe....


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figgy pudding

08 Dec 2004|01:31am
mood | hungry


"you worthless pile of bat droppings" - Mrs. Figg, in OotP. I'm such a dork. I'm listening to the audio of Order of the Phoenix and Mrs. Figg made me laugh. Since I am lonely, I thought I would share that. Good night.

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06 Dec 2004|03:56pm
mood | chipper

So much randomosity last night when I tried to go to bed. WHile closing browser windows I got a message saying "Minako_darkmoon has left you a comment..." So I noticed she was online. Any way one thing led to another (in a non sexual way) and I added her to my MSN.

ann says:
lisa says:
... Ann?
ann says:
lisa says:
lisa says:

Op. I must go, will post more soon. Suffice to say minako_darkmoon and I are twins and the best of friends.

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enough is enough

04 Dec 2004|01:57am
Okay, not wanting to disappoint my (imaginary) fans, I have decided to update with something other than a fetus and a random colour scale line (which i suggest you try). I am tired, I always do this when it is imperative that I go to bed. Dammit. Actually screw it. I'm gonna be my own man and go to bed.

SO A Quick Summary of life in the past few days... *deep breath*

saw ani difranco it was quite fab but my boy is more fab so that was great then off to his lovely home for a visit wish it was longer lots of fun miss him muchly then to charli then bus home got home sleepover anchorman hahahaha i love lamp sleep work work work miss boy play chess christmas presents stress stress stress the end.

okay. g'night.

('wilt thou leave me so unsatisfied?' quoth thou. 'Yea,' quoth I, 'I wilth.')

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04 Dec 2004|01:56am
traveling is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator
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23 Nov 2004|07:14pm

I adopted a cute lil' fetus in a tie
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!
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18 Nov 2004|05:47pm
mood | bored

Arg. Still slightly frustrated at Alfie's Pub. Damn Alfie's workers. Anyway.

Have been practicing a lot of gee-tar, still suck but at least I have callouses. Miss my boy. Many feelings that seem like I am depressed but am pretty sure I am just bored. To tears. Need to start Reading A Fine Balance, but I have the last Georgia Nicolson book and am très tempted to read that instead. Bad Ann. I alos want to keep reading Homeless Bird to rikakins but I dunno when I'll see her next. Sigh. (I suggest going there, really odd Japanese thrash metal band..) I am link happy today. (That one will take you to a random link generator. )

ANYway. Umm.. so the pileup has begun.. My mum is tossing random artifacts into my room to take to India with me. Included are:

a tank top with the new york skyline
several 'lightweight' washcloths (they are normal washcloths)
one black sock (no joke)
a half-empty Q-tip travel container
an air mattress plug
several hotel 'lotions' (mum's a clepto)
yellowed band-aids
two needles (she's diabetic... I'm hoping they are in there by mistake)
a hair clip
a paper clip
two travel makeup cases
a mesh bag
a shower cap

Most of these were picked up randomly in her wanders through the house. Some were bought on a whim at.. I'm not sure where she found them. I think I'll start a museum.

Dinner is soon and I am still wearing my pj's. (Pink and black striped stretchy shirt and green silk shorts.) My leg hair could frighten away the strongest and bravest of men. (This is what not seeing your boyfriend for two weeks will do to you. ) I am bored.

OKay now what?

Harry Potter!!

I bought a Gryffindor badge for my rucksack for India (thank to rika's nudgings). I hope to make many Indian Harry Potter pals. (it's naked time!!!!)

Erm. okay. Dinner time.

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10 Nov 2004|01:06am
I am not sure what to say, because this can be read by so many (but is read by few.) It has finally sunk in -- and I feel

How do i feel

(What I cannot say to you over the phone)

Never so many emotions at once,

I want to start again but I wont

I want to do something but I can't

I feel like I used to feel and that is bad

I have come so far from then

I have grown

But it keeps happening


And it makes me sick.

They make me sick..

Please let me be able to do something

C if you are reading this, please let me do something

Because I could never do anything for myself

Let me do something

For you.

do you notice me??

Spirits flying across the skies...

08 Nov 2004|01:18am
mood | shocked

Oh my god.
Oh my God.
I feel so small, incredulous, bewildered.

The northeren lights have made (are making) their appearence in Kingston. I have never ever seen them before. I can't believe it. I CANNOT. I cried, I couldn't take it all in, I just feel so filled with wonder and awe. I can hardly type my hands are shaking. I would still be out there but my dog was barking so loudly, because she felt lonely. I can't believe it. It looked like ghosts flying across the sky -- like.. like... spirits reaching out to each other, trying to touch each other then flit away. My breath was completely taken away. I.. Oh my goodness. I have to see more. Good night.

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07 Nov 2004|10:48pm
I promised to remark on the quality of the movie view from the top. I guess I shoudl ahe expected it, but it was remarkably horrific. It was hideously fugly. Only mark ruffalo saved this movie. So bad. So Bad. But it was mildly entertaining for the past little while.
Better than, say... The Godson, but worse than Legally Blonde 2. Thank you and goodnight.

No more O'Henry bars. PLease someone take them away from me.
do you notice me??

07 Nov 2004|07:31pm
mood | thoughtful

I am so witty. This is my latest msn convo.

tony says:
ha, so ann. you are done school and the world is your oyster... tell me aboubt it?

annie (Punk Pixie - my bladder is bursting with joy) says:
well... I am going to india with kristine in january and that at the moment is the pearl in my oyster. The edible part of the oyster is life right now, i guess... sometimes i choke on it but mostly it goes down alright. kind of slimy. And um.. the shell... is.. pretty... so... um that can be my spirituality right now... and then the dirty fish smell is my boss at work.

Hhahhaa.. okay. I feel better now.


Home alone again today, luckily i wasn't gone long enough for my dog to shit all over the floor again. Which is nice. I am going to watch View From the Top later. I was going to bring home an intellectually stimulating or at least a good movie, but this is what i felt like okay? I haven't seen it yet, i will give you all a report on its ambiggy rating.

My feet smell. Im sure no one needed to know, its not me I swear its those damn ronald mcdonald shoes, they smell they are torn and they are ugly but they just... grow on me? Oh i want to thank minako_darkmoon for making me feeling loved, because she commented. Comments make me happy. From now on I will try to comment more.

Er,.. Shya. Its so embarrassing having a live journal, i have no life. Nada to tlak about. Hayden is coming to ki... OH see! I already talked about that yesterday!!! I was going to rebitch about how i couldn't get tickets. Fecken eh. Right so I am going to go now..... Be back soon with the verdict on VFTT. Ta.

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Exhausted Inspired and Ignorant

07 Nov 2004|12:44am
mood | exhausted

Had a wonderful/horrible day. Work was long, I am now cut from working mondays because of cut hours there now, which means I lose almost 600 dollars over the next two months. Feck. Anyway that makes it easier to quit when leaving for india. SIGH. And my boss was a dirty knob today. Whatever. The India Party at the Lyons was AMAZING, so inspiring I am so excited for India now. Ticket payed for.
No backing out now.
So now I am free on Monday to sleeep. Or do errands. Or cook. Anything!! Yay. Have to try to get Hayden tix, he is coming to my town!!! But it is sold out.. never fear EBAY is here!!! Well, in a different browser but here on my comp... shutup im tired. Oh fuck no Hayden on ebay, only for toronto. Damn. Well I'll just have to seduce my way in (SHYA, right, unt affen manchmal fliegan aus meinen arshe.)

Okay well I have to bed myself... er.. yeah. My dog shat all over the floor (persian carpet from grandmother) like ALL over. Because I left her alone all day. I am the bitch, not her (my dog not my dotty grandmama.)

So why am i not going to bed you ask? no you probably dont because 1) who asks that and 2) only rikakins reads this anyway. I do love you though rikes.

OKay I am really truly exhausted and visions of bathing elephants are stomping in my head.

I have to make friends with an elephant while I am there. OH! AUDIENCE INTERACTION!!
IF YOU ARE READING THIS, PLEASE post a name idea for my elephant. Thank you.

I love you all.

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05 Nov 2004|06:02pm
mood | bouncy

I am running out of room on my computer. I vill haf to delete sum sings. Uh oh. Ahhahah Hung out with Darek today and he said funny thing. I say: " De donde eres? Yo soy de mexico... yo soy de canada" He SAY: "YO soy... bean. Soy.... bean. Soy bean. " AHAHAHAHAHH. I'm sorry I'm an idiot but I laughed really hard. AHha., Anyway so stuck at my house alone. Dunno how im getting to work demain. Oh well. okay. bye.

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01 Nov 2004|09:12pm
mood | blah

Didn't do anything for halloween well i did i saw the grudge and the shining and ate some candy. but i didnt wear my fake eyelashes. nope. boy down and tomorrow im going to where he lives. i am so jittery, i have to go. I love nerds. I tried the nerd's rope. it is fantastic. i love candy, Mmmm.. Gotta go watch robin williams stand up now. bye.

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the next step...........

28 Oct 2004|11:19pm
mood | bored

Hmmm... my awefully slow day of sleeping and not showering and typing contrasts greatly where I feel my life is right now. Right? I just sent my Concordia application, hurrah me. I poured my heart out at The Order last night, feel straightened out. Getting ticket to India on Monday... Ohhh I need money. Oh here's my boy's pseudonyms... just cuz...

YOUR PORN STAR NAME: (Name Of First Pet Street You Live On)
Lady Fairford (ahahaha he's a transy)

YOUR MOVIE STAR NAME: (Name Of Your Favourite Snack Food Grandfathers First Name)
Licorice Frank (drrrty)

YOUR FASHION DESIGNER NAME: (First Word You See On Your Left Favourite Restaurant)
Screen Epicure

EXOTIC FOREIGNER ALIAS: (Favorite Spice Last Foreign Vacation Spot)
Nutmeg Calgary

SOCIALITE ALIAS: (Silliest Childhood Nickname Town Where You First Partied)
Keithy-Weithy Kempville

"FLY GIRL(boy)" ALIAS:(First Initial First Two or Three Letters of your Last Name)

DETECTIVE ALIAS: (Favorite Baby Animal Where You Went to High School)
Puppy St. Mary's

SOAP OPERA ALIAS: (Middle Name Street Where You First Lived)
Francis Salsbury

Sigh. Passes the time. So he comes down tomorrow, which is good. Halloween? What will I be? I don't know. What will I do I don't know I don't know. Oh well. Okay I'm going to keep working now.
do you notice me??


26 Oct 2004|03:11pm
I got a cell phone today!!! I don't have a number for it yet but still.. cool. It was 10 bucks. I love ebay. I sold stuff too. Yes. Good day.


Timmy Battersea... Does that make me a transvestite porn star?

Rice Cracker Jack.. Oddly functional

Bible Café India. YEAH. What the hell were those rules for? like what do they expect?

EXOTIC FOREIGNER ALIAS: (Favorite Spice Last Foreign Vacation Spot)
Dahl Massala New York. Americans would arrest me.

SOCIALITE ALIAS: (Silliest Childhood Nickname Town Where You First Partied)
Peanut Biggleswade. Fuck! That's insano!

"FLY GIRL" ALIAS: (First Initial First Two or Three Letters of your Last Name)
A-Wa. J-lo wins.

DETECTIVE ALIAS: (Favorite Baby Animal Where You Went to High School)
Lamb Casey ... Oooh i like it..

SOAP OPERA ALIAS: (Middle Name Street Where You First Lived)
Margaret Claire MacDonnell

Check out rikakins answers to these too. They are fan-bloody-im-not-a-brit-tastic.
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just laying

26 Oct 2004|12:27am
mood | blah

so i guess im going to go to pilate on wednesday night. i dont know if i want to, but oh well. i want a baby. a baby girl . badly. now.
i want a great many things, i am so stressed out right now. incredibly so. this computer screen is staring at me and it wont stop and it hurts. my ear hurts from being on the phone all night with my lovely boy. i have really wanted to call E.T. and C-bar to talk to them. E.t to talk about missed dates and dates to come and how much i love her, and c-bar to thank her for the card and love her too. i love my boy.

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25 Oct 2004|09:19pm
Thoughts right now: I'm cold. I need to find a new way to make money. eBay? Mum is sad. Funeral was beautiful. Jean Vanier is beautiful. Counting the people I have rejected, finding reasons --> self-defense. I LOVE Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts (Russell Crowe's Band). His voice is so damn b-e-a you-tiful. Tiful. Tiffle. Hmm. I should copywrite that (Piss off tiffle thieves!!!) I just looked it up at merriam-webster to make sure and it is not a word, but piffle is, as is tiffed. So i am fine.
do you notice me??

the path to paradise

22 Oct 2004|04:58pm
mood | (which is odd; i am young)

I found this beautiful path today through woodland and forest and hugh rocks, it was so amazing. I took my dog through and she liked it too. It's already 5pm dammit and I have so much laundrey to do, and cleaning of myself. My ears hurt but I smell so fresh from outside. It really is beautiful out today. Had some really odd dreams, I went to go see Stuart McLean with my boyfriend and his dad, but his dad wanted to go for a drive so I went with him, and left my boy at the theatre. Then I felt really bad and odd things happened, and a few days later I was trying to get into another Stuart McLean concert with my old ticket, begging them to let me because I had to leave during the other one. Anyway thats not really all of it, I just wanted it there so I could look back and remember the rest.

Slept in til 2:30 today. Holy Jeez. Oh well. The boy is coming over tonight and I get to see Manda tonight at a party (hopefully) so all looks well enough. Funeral tomorrow. That will be... I 'm not sure really. Anyway I'm going to go have a shower now.

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18 Oct 2004|08:08pm
mood | melancholy

She died today. He told me early this morning. I was still asleep, but his words repeated themselves over and over and slowly brought me to conciousness. Mollie has died. He closed the door quietly, whispering, more to himself than to me, I shouldn't have told her yet... Indeed. Then work. No point in calling in, no point. A few visitors, behind the counter I can't say much, but my eyes burn with keeping it in. Years later, when six o' clock comes, I can't get out fast enough. But I move slowly. Normally I wouldn't let it sink in for at least a year, but his words kept finding their way to me when I had almost forgotten. At home, I held in my lower lip to the point of breaking the skin, but a phone call broke me. And now I'm here, listening to my new Johnny Cash album, indescribably grateful to him for being there for me. My love is coming down for the funeral. Unfortunately, since I am the secretary, I have to make the funeral bulletin. She can't be gone. What will he do? I wonder how she is now. I wonder how she wants us to feel. God help Bob. Thank you, rik, for your ear, and thank you keyboard and Johnny C. I have to go.

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